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Links list, edited and re-uploaded in March 2024

Re-Volt I/O Incredibly active community web-site, incl. online racing, Discord Links and updated links lists
Re-Volt World Re-Volt & RVGL Customization Community
RVxtg Add-ons download archive
Re-Volt Zone Add-ons Download archive

VERY OLD - MOST of these links likely do no work anymore!
Nearly unedited link list put together by Manmountain:

I recomend that everyone copy/save this page to there hard drive for future reference.

General all round sites (Tracks, cars, utilities, some forums);

RVA The Revolt Archive - Mirror
RVA The Revolt Archive down, use the link above.
Revolt Downloads @ RVA Hopefully the link we'll all be using soon. *! Moving not finished !*
Revolt RC Racing RSTs forum, probably the biggest engl. RV forum atm
Re-Volt Online
Alias Re-Volt Master Italian site
Re-Volt Tip Top French site
Yarp - yes Another Re-Volt Page
The Me and Me's site, now with Forum
ReVolt Unlimited
The Re-Volt Maker french site, Old site
RVxtg (LastCuban)
DSL_Tile's Revolt Site


Revolt Cars French site
R-VMad French site, Old site
BurnRubr's Realm <- Site back up
Le Toyeckeur Toyeca cars/skins previously found there are now at: Revolt Cars
French cars for Re-Volt New French site!


Revolt Tracks French site
Re-Volt Zone Tracks

Tutorials and Utilities;

The Re-Volt Workbench Old site
RV Extreme Old site
EasyGlue Introduction to RvGlue, Old site
Re-Volt "srmalloy" Old site
Re-Volt Extender Old site
rvtmod7 documentation Old site
Re-Volt to the MAX Old site

Forums and Chat;

RVA Forum
Revolt Unlimited Forum Old site

Other sites;

Re-Volt Supreme
RiffRaff's Cars and Tracks
ali's re-volt stuff Old site
hilaire9's Revolt Page
Re-Volt World Old site
Re-Volt Mania Old site
liens Revolt page French site, Old site
Revolt Generation French site, Old site
Gougoun's Re-Volt Center Old site
Download Revolt French site, Old site
Gusto's World French site
ReVolt - tuned cars & optimized tracks
RE-VOLT Racing French site
Re-Volt Garage Old site
RV - MS <- ! New French site !
Taļ Lolo Racing
Mastering Unfairly Races <- ! New fun site !

Clan sites;

Brasil Revolt Clan
Revolt Mex Newly updated
Nitro Clan
TNT Racers
RVTT Ladder
Battle Tag Revolt


Thats all for now, if you know of any other revolt related links please let us or Manmountain know.

Don't forget you can chat online at #revolt-chat on the Austnet IRC-Network.

there is usually someone there.

Our old Re-Volt related Links list

Re-Volt; Acclaim's Official Re-Volt Website
Re-Volt@Racerspoint; cars, tracks and THE major Re-Volt forum
Re-Volt Archive; cool site with cool cars, cool tracks and cool tutorials
Zanoza Modeler; the site where an essential tool for nearly every RV editor is from
The Re-Volt Archive Challenge; get the good old stuff for racing on the RVAC here
Re-Volt Unlimited; Get some cars and tracks here as well as info bout RV Cup
Last Cuban's Extreme Track Guide; neat site which is described well in its name
Re-Volt Zone Tracks; arto/ajalkane's site with all of the old & new tracks
srmalloy's Re-Volt Page; cool site with very useful utilities when editing cars & tracks
Re-Volt Extreme; Gibbler's Site for Extreme Track Editing
Re-Volt Tip Top; Clamour's French site for the racers with times, tracks and cars
Re-Volt Cars; Good looking French site with a French version of the NFS2RV tutorial
Cars by RiffRaff; cars by one of those most-talented Re-Volt car designers
BurnRubr's Re-Volt Realm; cars by the most famost "into-Re-Volt-converter"
Y'ARP! => Yes, another Re-Volt page; rst site with some tracks, links and tools
AliasRe-VoltMaster; TheFactor82's Italian site with a lots of cars and tracks to download
RV CAR LOT; Zool's NFS-MCO conversions, which are some sweeeeet rides
Pascal's Toyeca Site; lots of skins for the almighty Yeca and more
UnGodin Tracks; UnGodin's site with some tracks on it
Re-Volt Ladder; Avecezar's ladder with a lot of times
Dutch ReVolt; ShadowRacer's Dutch Re-Volt site with info, cars, track and links
Mic's & Mota's Re-Volt Page; great lookin site with cool repaints and conversions
Re-Volt Custom Creations; lots of cars by RVCC (CADster, Nairb and Nickki1)
DSL_Tile's Re-Volt Page; DSL's Site with lots of stuff to look at or dld
RVamp; all kinda informational stuff concerning Re-Volt
Re-VoltHQ; this will bring back the original HQ, and have it all
and a lot more to come